Small businesses rely on being bottom line oriented. As a small business owner, your very livelihood is made by keeping overhead costs low and sales high. Because of this, many small business owners try to maximize their dollars by keeping their social media efforts in-house. Inevitability this costs them more money in the long run because their social media platform has no direction nor does it have a skilled writing professional managing it.

When a business uses an employee to promote its social media, it runs the risk of two things. First, the employees’ motivation for managing the social media is only as high as the business owner’s incentives. Often, the social media component of the job becomes just another thing for the employee to do. When this is the case, the social media is produced without any forethought or planning. This results in a weak representation of the business.

In addition, it is rare that the person being tagged to do the social media has any formal training in writing. The result is an unprofessional Twitter feed, Blog or Facebook Fan page with postings about non-relevant industry news, misspellings on important announcements or the wrong “voice” for the business. Social media is about perception, and when your company is perceived poorly–customers are not retained.

Perfectly Prosed prides itself on understanding your business’ unique needs and crafting and maintaining a professional social media platform for you. Perfectly Prosed helps businesses present their best selves to the public so that their social media outlets are maximized and new business can be generated.