The aspect of timing and planning can never be overlooked in a social media campaign.  In fact, this is often where companies can fail in attracting new followers or keeping current followers in engaged.   This is also a key area where a social media consultant can influence and help companies with their social media.

Regularity when it comes to blog postings or Facebook postings is a good way to keep your customers or clients checking back, but did you know that the content of these posts have a great impact on the time they spend on your site?  For example, blog postings that simply link to a news article about your site do much less to engage the reader than an actual first person story describing an interesting aspect of your industry from the company’s point of view.   When businesses get overwhelmed, they often tend toward posting previously published links.   This causes their blog to be stale and uninteresting to the reader.

Furthermore, a well thought out blog will have an understandable timeline.  Blog postings will have continuity even if they are on different topics.   A social media consultant should be able to advise you on trends in your industry, top news, and points of interest for your blog.  Planning and executing blog posts creates a professionalism to a company’s blog and sets them apart from competitors.

Finally, planning becomes crucial with regard to “real time” social media aspects like Twitter and Facebook.   A Twitter announcement should be planned with the social media consultant prepared to respond or troubleshoot any replies that might occur.   Ideally, all responses are positive, but on the occasion that there is negative feedback, your social media consultant can be your best friend.   When Facebook and Twitter statuses are being updated randomly, it is impossible to have the type of response that companies with a successful social media platform employ.

In closing, your company deserves the best when it comes to a well thought out social media platform.  If your firm is in need of social media planning, please contact Perfectly Prosed.