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Many businesses are increasing their marketing efforts through blogs and social media. With the best intentions, a small to medium sized business will begin a blog and post for several months intermittently when either they a-remember b-something interesting happens or c-they feel business is lagging.

Unfortunately, a blog is only as effective as the effort a business is willing to put into it. In addition, many businesses start a blog and realize quickly that it takes time and vision to create a blog that keeps customers returning and increases brand awareness. Many businesses aren’t equipped to allot the time and skill it takes to craft a well planned blog. Ultimately, the business’ blog can become stagnant which limits its search engine optimization and does little to drive new business.

A social media consultant can help revitalize a business’ blog by creating a platform specific to the business’ audience and can maintain the blog on an agreed upon schedule so that new information is constantly being pushed to the company’s website. An updated blog communicates that the business is viable and intent on retaining and attracting customers.

How is your business blog? Do you need help creating a social media presence? Contact Perfectly Prosed today so that we can help you with your social media needs.