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Almost seven years ago, I realized that marketing was changing in a way that not only allowed businesses to connect with customers but expected it.  It was early on in the social media game, and I worked with some great clients who continue to use the systems that I set up for them today.

After a year, I merged my clients into the capable hands of an SEO optimization platform news service that I joined as an account executive and now utilize as a certified agency partner.

I went on to pursue other areas of development, but over the years, I’ve continued to field requests from various businesses that I interacted with casually.  These businesses all felt that they would benefit from a managed social media platform.  Their problem?  They knew that they needed a Facebook, Twitter or blog, but they didn’t know where to start nor did they have the energy to maintain the information overload.  Advertising and PR firms were bloated, busy and wanted large commitments.  They really wanted something streamlined for social media that would allow them to focus on other marketing efforts.

Increasingly, I heard more and more from healthcare professionals who needed a solution to market and engage patients in a way that no one taught them in medical school.  Great doctors who are making great advances in healthcare, but the cost and headache of meeting with larger marketing firms was a turn off.  With the encouragement of a handful of doctors who were ready to sign, an agency partnership to allow more market reach and a partnership with one of the longest standing printing companies in town, I decided to dust off the DBA and being offering solutions.

The solution was and is simple, I offer a full-scale marketing business focused mainly on the social media and SEO optimization platforms that have proven most effective in local marketing.  Although I can work with any vertical, I have chosen healthcare to fill the need of facilities and private practice physicians that need someone to do the behind scenes work of “keeping the lights on” or in this case, keeping current patients/families engaged, reaching future patients, and humanizing the healthcare process with original and useful content that will spark conversation between doctor and patient.

Social media is crucial to your business and brand.  It isn’t going anywhere, and it has incredible power if used properly.  It won’t make or break your business generally, but it will add an element of engagement that needs to be managed regularly.  Healthcare competition is fierce.  Perfectly Prosed is here to give you the edge.

Contact us: 214-693-8385 or perfectlyprosed@icloud.com and allow us to craft a custom solution to solve the social media puzzle!