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Mark Hunter is a phenom in the sales world.  He has the ability to inspire and engage from his energy level alone.  His latest book, “High Profit Prospecting” is a virtual roadmap to success for rookies to seasoned sellers. 

High Profit Prospecting is divided into four parts bookended by “Basic Truths in Prospecting” to “The Tough Stuff.”

By laying a foundation with the basics and moving the reader through applicable action steps, Mark’s voice makes it apparent that he is passionate about the sales process and believes that anyone with the discipline, drive and right tool box can succeed in sales.  

One of the book’s best applications were his willingness to share scripts to use on the phone or via email.  There were options that could be tailored for many situations.   Mark is a phone guy-he believes in making that personal connection out of the gate.  He is realistic that you won’t always hear a “yes,” but you keep calling until you do.

On a personal note, I received a rather resounding “no” from a three unit facility who said that their business model could never benefit from my services.  Given Mark’s advice,  after the “no” and telling them that I would circle back, I picked up the phone and called the same type of facility but 17 units.  Before reading Mark’s book, I would have felt under-qualified or too small of shop to make the call.  Now, I realize my value and services are worthwhile to the best prospects.  

As you read through the book, Mark gives you grains of wisdom on how people react to sales professionals, how to set yourself apart, and he even tackles how to get past the gatekeeper.  

His thoughts on social media, my area of expertise, were spot on and echo much of what I try to educate my clients.  Everyone needs that presence, but you have to be realistic on its ROI and balance it with other activities.  

My main takeaways from Mark’s book are as follows: Find qualified leads-the bigger the better and pick up the phone–take the risk!

“High Profit Prospecting” by Mark Hunter is a fantastic read for sales, marketing or any profession where you need to attract clients and business partners.