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As the healthcare landscape evolves along with the technological landscape, medical practitioners and facilities are facing a never before heard of crisis.   

Their patients are nine times more likely to have googled them, their symptoms and even possible treatment options before walking in for their appointment.   Good providers know that informed patients are great patients as it lends to a better doctor patient relationship and treatment plan; however, informed patients are also more particular in choosing their providers.

What was once a referral business from fellow providers or patients has become largely internet driven as more and more people look to google for their first recommendation.   A patient is six times more likely to look on google and Facebook before asking a friend.  Even after a referral from a friend, a potential patient will still do their own research.

While this might seem sobering to providers, it doesn’t have to be.  In fact, it is an incredible opportunity for providers to engage with their current and prospective patients in a more approachable way than ever before.  It allows doctors to advise on whole health issues not just their specialty. 

When I create a social media plan for my clients, I take into account their current location of business, their current demographic and most important, how they would like to grow their practice.   Targeted posting on Twitter or Facebook as well as monthly blog posts create a rise in Google rating searches and engage patients-current and prospective.  Medical practices are a hive of activity centered on patient care.  By parterning with my clients, I save them time and money while enhancing their brand.

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