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Cracker Barrel Country Store is in the middle of a social media disaster.   Of course, there are the pundits that say “All publicity is good publicity” and that is often true until that publicity meets the court of public opinion and moral outrage.

The backstory is that Brad’s wife, an 11 year veteran of Cracker Barrel, was let go on Brad’s birthday.  The fact that is wasnt even his birthday isn’t even relevant anymore because the internet is convinced that it is true.  

Companies are in an unique position in that it is one thing for the media to gain knowledge of their perceived discriminatory acts, and it is quite another for the public to use the company’s own platform to deride and call for boycotts because of these actions.

To rub further salt in the wound, competitors are able to capitalize on the misfortune and go viral in a positive way. 

Anyone with a DBA and a social media presence is subject to this sort of situation-no matter how large or small their operation.  

A cogent proactive social media plan including crisis management protocols are key to handling these situations.  Of course, treating employees with respect and consideration is also key because it only takes one disgruntled person to distract and diminish your message and reputation.

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