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When making the soul crushing attempt to go out on your own, find your own clients and create your own brand, your vulnerability reaches an all time high.  

For women who are hard wired to be relationship oriented, it is often more difficult to find those connections or ask for the business because we are worried about people liking us or seeing us as valuable.  Yes, these attitudes are changing in our society, but I’m strong enough to admit that I still find myself in the “imposter club” at times-what if people figure out I’m not as good as they think?  

Growing a business is hard no matter who you are, but I believe the quote above is something we as women should embrace. Because of that fact, I’ve decided to support my fellow boss babes with discounted services and one free press release a month when you sign a six month contract for any service.  This offer is for any business that is owned by a female majority.  

It’s my promise to my female owned business clients that we are in this together, and when one of us wins, we all win!