Perfectly Prosed

Welcome to Our Site

Perfectly Prosed is a social media and marketing solutions provider for the healthcare industry in Dallas, TX and beyond.  Partnering with private practice physicians and physician owned healthcare facilities, Perfectly Prosed crafts and executes a targeted social media marketing plan to save clients time, energy and money while providing individualized customer service and attention to detail driving patient engagement and increasing referral rates.

By keeping the client base to a manageable size, Perfectly Prosed is able to custom craft marketing plans to fit each client’s needs and budget as well as assist on additional marketing efforts should the need arise from event promotion and planning.  

Some of Perfectly Prosed areas of expertise are as follows:

  • Strategic Timing of Social Media Posts and Structuring of Posts for Each Platform
  • Visuals and Audio to encourage maximum Customer Engagement
  • ROI Analytics and Campaign A/B Testing to Ensure Maximum ROI
  • Social Media Calendars and Planning Utilizing All Appropriate Channels
  • Continuity of Message Across Platforms without Losing Quality of Message
  • Easily Understandable Monthly Reports for Clients