Perfectly Prosed has been honored to work in social media marketing since 2010 through various channels and verticals.  As an early adopter for SEO optimization and social media influence, Perfectly Prosed has witnessed the evolution of social media and its importance in brand recognition and engagement as it has evolved in the past seven years.

Working with various clients on their blogs from ghostwriting 100% of their materials to managing their social media posts and consumer relations, Perfectly Prosed has perfected the art of storytelling and results driven marketing.

Advising stakeholders on the best platform for their social media needs as well as creating media calendars to track the progress of their campaigns, Perfectly Prosed has won the trust of clients from industries such as roofing to plastic surgery.

Monthly analytic reports that are easy to read and apply allow stakeholders to control aspects of their business while ensuring their campaigns are giving them the visibility in their area that they desire.

Using a target media platform and adhering to strict geographical boundaries, Perfectly Prosed ensures no conflicts of interest between clients with regard to neighborhood marketing.