“The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need”


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Engaging enough for a pool side read! The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need!

Anthony Iannarino’s little red book, The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need, reminds me of another little red book (it’s now green on its 12 Ed) on my bookshelf and used since 15, The Harbrace College Handbook.  Both books contain formulas and tools for success-one for sales and the other for writing.  I highly recommend both on your bookshelf as well, but today, I am reviewing,  The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need, which I found highly readable and informative.

First, Iannarino wastes no time in delving into the key qualities that separate strong sales people from weak.  He describes these qualities as mind sets and also gives examples on how a person might develop the correct mindset to succeed in in sales. The entire first half of the book is dedicated to these nine mindsets which are as follows:

  • Self Discipline: The Art of “Me Management”
  • Optimism: A Positive Mental Attitude
  • Caring: The Desire to Help Others
  • Competitiveness: A Burning Desire to Be the Best
  • Resourcefulness: Finding a Way or Making One
  • Initiative: Taking Action Before It is Necessary
  • Persistence:  Breaking Through Resistance
  • Communication: Listening and Connecting
  • Accountability: Owning the Outcomes that You Sell

And finally, he wraps up the first part of the book with Chapter 10, Mastering the Mind-set Elements To Create Influence.  What makes  The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need unique is that while each mind set might seem familiar, Iannarino breaks down each one with personal anecdotes, sales stories, action steps and descriptions on how these mind-sets relate not only to sales but long term customer satisfaction.

Each chapter ends not with a specific sales related “Do Now” pushing the reader further with actionable items to apply in their working day, and it provides a list of further reading showing Iannarino’s process from his own personal practices to whom he studies to achieve his own success.   Reading part one of The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need  is similar to having your own personal sales coach who pushes you to think more deeply about how to be more disciplined in many areas of your life and how sales is a helping profession as much as an outcome oriented practice.

Part Two of  The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need delves into the essential skill sets necessary to succeed in the sales profession with again immediate actionable steps the reader can immediately apply to their own sales practices.  I found this part of the book very dense with material, and while it slowed down my reading allowing me to absorb the material being presented, the book remained engaging and readable.

In fact, as the above picture denotes, I was able to wile an afternoon away at the pool reading and highlighting my favorite passages-a nice reward for being a sales professional on target-taking a break to enjoy the fruits of one’s success directly attributed to a constant honing of sales skills.

The following skill sets shared in part two are as follows:

  • Closing: Asking for and Obtaining Commitments
  • Prospecting: Opening Relationships and Creating Opportunities
  • Storytelling: Creating and Sharing a Vision
  • Diagnosing: The Desire to Understand
  • Negotiating: Creating Win-Win Deals
  • Business Acumen: Understanding Business and Creating Value
  • Change Management: Building Consensus and Helping Others Change
  • Leadership: Producing Results With and Through Others

And finally, the last chapter of part two is a culmination of the above with Chapter 19, “Exercising the Skill Set Elements to Create a Competitive Advantage.”  Again, each chapter is chock full of advice, anecdotes, action steps and further reading which gives you an insight into how Iannarino has developed into the sales superstar that he is today.

If Part One is about being coached, Part Two is about game day, and the most useful part of the second part is the self reflection as the reader considers past sales calls and what worked and didn’t work.  The key element repeated throughout part two is the sales professional’s responsibility to their own sales cycle and their absolute mandate to keep the sales cycle moving forward through questions, persistence and team building with their client.

The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need is an invaluable tool in today’s modern sales world, and I highly recommend it be added to any sales professional’s arsenal.  It’s available on Amazon in the links provided or by clicking on this link :  The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need   Pick up a copy today, and watch your sales rocket to the next level!

For more on Anthony Iannarino, I highly recommend you follow his blog, The Sales Blog which includes a podcast perfect for the morning commute or on a drive to clients.

Happy Reading, and check back for new reviews on other sales books coming soon!


Giving Back…


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When making the soul crushing attempt to go out on your own, find your own clients and create your own brand, your vulnerability reaches an all time high.  

For women who are hard wired to be relationship oriented, it is often more difficult to find those connections or ask for the business because we are worried about people liking us or seeing us as valuable.  Yes, these attitudes are changing in our society, but I’m strong enough to admit that I still find myself in the “imposter club” at times-what if people figure out I’m not as good as they think?  

Growing a business is hard no matter who you are, but I believe the quote above is something we as women should embrace. Because of that fact, I’ve decided to support my fellow boss babes with discounted services and one free press release a month when you sign a six month contract for any service.  This offer is for any business that is owned by a female majority.  

It’s my promise to my female owned business clients that we are in this together, and when one of us wins, we all win!  

Think Social Media Doesn’t Matter..Ask Brad’s Wife


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Cracker Barrel Country Store is in the middle of a social media disaster.   Of course, there are the pundits that say “All publicity is good publicity” and that is often true until that publicity meets the court of public opinion and moral outrage.

The backstory is that Brad’s wife, an 11 year veteran of Cracker Barrel, was let go on Brad’s birthday.  The fact that is wasnt even his birthday isn’t even relevant anymore because the internet is convinced that it is true.  

Companies are in an unique position in that it is one thing for the media to gain knowledge of their perceived discriminatory acts, and it is quite another for the public to use the company’s own platform to deride and call for boycotts because of these actions.

To rub further salt in the wound, competitors are able to capitalize on the misfortune and go viral in a positive way. 

Anyone with a DBA and a social media presence is subject to this sort of situation-no matter how large or small their operation.  

A cogent proactive social media plan including crisis management protocols are key to handling these situations.  Of course, treating employees with respect and consideration is also key because it only takes one disgruntled person to distract and diminish your message and reputation.

Perfectly Prosed works with clients to maximize their presence and minimize issues before they start.   Call us today to avoid a “Brad’s wife” situation. 214-693-8385

Why Healthcare Must Embrace Social Media


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As the healthcare landscape evolves along with the technological landscape, medical practitioners and facilities are facing a never before heard of crisis.   

Their patients are nine times more likely to have googled them, their symptoms and even possible treatment options before walking in for their appointment.   Good providers know that informed patients are great patients as it lends to a better doctor patient relationship and treatment plan; however, informed patients are also more particular in choosing their providers.

What was once a referral business from fellow providers or patients has become largely internet driven as more and more people look to google for their first recommendation.   A patient is six times more likely to look on google and Facebook before asking a friend.  Even after a referral from a friend, a potential patient will still do their own research.

While this might seem sobering to providers, it doesn’t have to be.  In fact, it is an incredible opportunity for providers to engage with their current and prospective patients in a more approachable way than ever before.  It allows doctors to advise on whole health issues not just their specialty. 

When I create a social media plan for my clients, I take into account their current location of business, their current demographic and most important, how they would like to grow their practice.   Targeted posting on Twitter or Facebook as well as monthly blog posts create a rise in Google rating searches and engage patients-current and prospective.  Medical practices are a hive of activity centered on patient care.  By parterning with my clients, I save them time and money while enhancing their brand.

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High Profit Prospecting Review


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Mark Hunter is a phenom in the sales world.  He has the ability to inspire and engage from his energy level alone.  His latest book, “High Profit Prospecting” is a virtual roadmap to success for rookies to seasoned sellers. 

High Profit Prospecting is divided into four parts bookended by “Basic Truths in Prospecting” to “The Tough Stuff.”

By laying a foundation with the basics and moving the reader through applicable action steps, Mark’s voice makes it apparent that he is passionate about the sales process and believes that anyone with the discipline, drive and right tool box can succeed in sales.  

One of the book’s best applications were his willingness to share scripts to use on the phone or via email.  There were options that could be tailored for many situations.   Mark is a phone guy-he believes in making that personal connection out of the gate.  He is realistic that you won’t always hear a “yes,” but you keep calling until you do.

On a personal note, I received a rather resounding “no” from a three unit facility who said that their business model could never benefit from my services.  Given Mark’s advice,  after the “no” and telling them that I would circle back, I picked up the phone and called the same type of facility but 17 units.  Before reading Mark’s book, I would have felt under-qualified or too small of shop to make the call.  Now, I realize my value and services are worthwhile to the best prospects.  

As you read through the book, Mark gives you grains of wisdom on how people react to sales professionals, how to set yourself apart, and he even tackles how to get past the gatekeeper.  

His thoughts on social media, my area of expertise, were spot on and echo much of what I try to educate my clients.  Everyone needs that presence, but you have to be realistic on its ROI and balance it with other activities.  

My main takeaways from Mark’s book are as follows: Find qualified leads-the bigger the better and pick up the phone–take the risk!

“High Profit Prospecting” by Mark Hunter is a fantastic read for sales, marketing or any profession where you need to attract clients and business partners.  

Why Social Media Matters..and Why It is Here To Stay..


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Almost seven years ago, I realized that marketing was changing in a way that not only allowed businesses to connect with customers but expected it.  It was early on in the social media game, and I worked with some great clients who continue to use the systems that I set up for them today.

After a year, I merged my clients into the capable hands of an SEO optimization platform news service that I joined as an account executive and now utilize as a certified agency partner.

I went on to pursue other areas of development, but over the years, I’ve continued to field requests from various businesses that I interacted with casually.  These businesses all felt that they would benefit from a managed social media platform.  Their problem?  They knew that they needed a Facebook, Twitter or blog, but they didn’t know where to start nor did they have the energy to maintain the information overload.  Advertising and PR firms were bloated, busy and wanted large commitments.  They really wanted something streamlined for social media that would allow them to focus on other marketing efforts.

Increasingly, I heard more and more from healthcare professionals who needed a solution to market and engage patients in a way that no one taught them in medical school.  Great doctors who are making great advances in healthcare, but the cost and headache of meeting with larger marketing firms was a turn off.  With the encouragement of a handful of doctors who were ready to sign, an agency partnership to allow more market reach and a partnership with one of the longest standing printing companies in town, I decided to dust off the DBA and being offering solutions.

The solution was and is simple, I offer a full-scale marketing business focused mainly on the social media and SEO optimization platforms that have proven most effective in local marketing.  Although I can work with any vertical, I have chosen healthcare to fill the need of facilities and private practice physicians that need someone to do the behind scenes work of “keeping the lights on” or in this case, keeping current patients/families engaged, reaching future patients, and humanizing the healthcare process with original and useful content that will spark conversation between doctor and patient.

Social media is crucial to your business and brand.  It isn’t going anywhere, and it has incredible power if used properly.  It won’t make or break your business generally, but it will add an element of engagement that needs to be managed regularly.  Healthcare competition is fierce.  Perfectly Prosed is here to give you the edge.

Contact us: 214-693-8385 or and allow us to craft a custom solution to solve the social media puzzle!


RIP Steve Jobs


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What an innovator. He literally changed home computing in a way that made it easy and accessible for all. He was a pioneer in technology and an inspiration to us all.

The world seems a little smaller tonight as people from all over mourn the passing and offer condolences mentioning the different devices that have made their lives easier.

Rarely do we see such genius, but when we do–we know it is something special.

Using Social Media without Overwhelming Your Friends


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The advent of social media can be a dream come true to small businesses particularly in this tough economy. Using your current social network may seem like an obvious way to start when promoting your business, but like anything, too much promotion can be a bad thing.

The most important advice that I was given when I started my own business was “You are building a business not climbing on the backs of your family and friends.”. With that in mind, it is important to limit business updates to your followers on your business page and only cross over to your personal page for significant business accomplishments or a rare invite to “like” your page. Chances are that people are aware of your business and can choose whether or not to like it.

In addition, promoting your clients on your personal page should be done rarely and only one post from time to time. Endless updates about current projects do not make you look busy or in demand.

Finally, remind yourself that you are fortunate to have the support of your family and friends and keep your personal and business life separate.

Increasing Customer Feedback and Managing It


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As businesses begin to realize the untapped potential of utilizing social media in their endeavors, they often increase their social media efforts without creating a contingency plan for its maintenance. Often what happens is that the company begins blogging, twittering, or facebooking without a real-time response to its customers’ positive or negative feedback.

A social media consultant bridges the gap between a good social media campaign to a social media campaign with a measurable ROI. In many instances, businesses look for immediate results with social media and when their efforts are quickly recognized, they slow down and eventually ignore their blogs, their Facebook page or other outlets assuming that their initial push was enough to keep the viral influence of social media helping their business. In other instances, businesses become frustrated when their efforts aren’t recognized quickly enough. They fail to see the long-term investment of creating a well thought out social media campaign and allow their social media pages to become stagnant.

Social media works because it is a continual push of information to customers, clients and potential leads. When businesses partner with a social media consultant, they can focus on their business while being assured that their social media efforts are being managed. Social media results can vary based on the type of business and campaign, but one thing is certain whether the campaign’s success is immediately measurable or takes several months, social media works!

Contact Perfectly Prosed to see how we can help your business increases its web presence, social media success and client base. Perfectly Prosed 214-693-8385