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When creating a blog concept, most companies are uncertain how to structure their blog to retain customers as well as entice new customers to the site. Often what happens is that a company will begin blogging about their industry in general or posting links to news about their company, but they will fail to have a central theme to pull the blog posts together. As a result, blog posts lag until the blog sits dormant for months at a time.

A social media consultant is often the best route for a company in this position. A social media consultant starts from the ground up creating a platform, a blogging plan, and executes it for the company saving them time and valuable resources. A company’s blog becomes its own press release as news about the company and industry is pushed through in a real time manner allowing the company more control over its brand.

Small businesses benefit greatly from social media consultants as their budgets for advertising are smaller than large corporations. Viral marketing through Facebook and Twitter have replaced many other marketing campaigns such as E-mail blasts as people strive to control their intake of information during the work day. If you are a small business owner, contact Perfectly Prosed to see what our firm can do for you.