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The advent of social media can be a dream come true to small businesses particularly in this tough economy. Using your current social network may seem like an obvious way to start when promoting your business, but like anything, too much promotion can be a bad thing.

The most important advice that I was given when I started my own business was “You are building a business not climbing on the backs of your family and friends.”. With that in mind, it is important to limit business updates to your followers on your business page and only cross over to your personal page for significant business accomplishments or a rare invite to “like” your page. Chances are that people are aware of your business and can choose whether or not to like it.

In addition, promoting your clients on your personal page should be done rarely and only one post from time to time. Endless updates about current projects do not make you look busy or in demand.

Finally, remind yourself that you are fortunate to have the support of your family and friends and keep your personal and business life separate.