When Your Blog is Stagnant…


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Many businesses are increasing their marketing efforts through blogs and social media. With the best intentions, a small to medium sized business will begin a blog and post for several months intermittently when either they a-remember b-something interesting happens or c-they feel business is lagging.

Unfortunately, a blog is only as effective as the effort a business is willing to put into it. In addition, many businesses start a blog and realize quickly that it takes time and vision to create a blog that keeps customers returning and increases brand awareness. Many businesses aren’t equipped to allot the time and skill it takes to craft a well planned blog. Ultimately, the business’ blog can become stagnant which limits its search engine optimization and does little to drive new business.

A social media consultant can help revitalize a business’ blog by creating a platform specific to the business’ audience and can maintain the blog on an agreed upon schedule so that new information is constantly being pushed to the company’s website. An updated blog communicates that the business is viable and intent on retaining and attracting customers.

How is your business blog? Do you need help creating a social media presence? Contact Perfectly Prosed today so that we can help you with your social media needs.


Thinking Outside the Box…How a Social Media Consultant Helps.

Small business owners often find themselves at a loss on how to drive business using social media and newer marketing techniques. Few business owners created their business because they had a burning desire to innovate marketing platforms or create advertising campaigns. Instead the business owners wanted to offer a product and/or service in which they believed. However, after many years in the business and with the advent of social media, a business owner can be overwhelmed on the different options in which to expand their marketing.

A social media consultant can be key in revitalizing a small business’ marketing plan. In short, the SMC meets with the business owner, identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the current marketing plan-traditional and social and then crafts a social media plan to generate customer growth and loyalty.

The business owner benefits by paying much less than with traditional marketing campaigns, retaining more control of how his business is presented and gaining a new customer/client base from the viral aspects of social media.

Creating a Blog Concept


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When creating a blog concept, most companies are uncertain how to structure their blog to retain customers as well as entice new customers to the site. Often what happens is that a company will begin blogging about their industry in general or posting links to news about their company, but they will fail to have a central theme to pull the blog posts together. As a result, blog posts lag until the blog sits dormant for months at a time.

A social media consultant is often the best route for a company in this position. A social media consultant starts from the ground up creating a platform, a blogging plan, and executes it for the company saving them time and valuable resources. A company’s blog becomes its own press release as news about the company and industry is pushed through in a real time manner allowing the company more control over its brand.

Small businesses benefit greatly from social media consultants as their budgets for advertising are smaller than large corporations. Viral marketing through Facebook and Twitter have replaced many other marketing campaigns such as E-mail blasts as people strive to control their intake of information during the work day. If you are a small business owner, contact Perfectly Prosed to see what our firm can do for you.

The Importance of Planning in Social Media

The aspect of timing and planning can never be overlooked in a social media campaign.  In fact, this is often where companies can fail in attracting new followers or keeping current followers in engaged.   This is also a key area where a social media consultant can influence and help companies with their social media.

Regularity when it comes to blog postings or Facebook postings is a good way to keep your customers or clients checking back, but did you know that the content of these posts have a great impact on the time they spend on your site?  For example, blog postings that simply link to a news article about your site do much less to engage the reader than an actual first person story describing an interesting aspect of your industry from the company’s point of view.   When businesses get overwhelmed, they often tend toward posting previously published links.   This causes their blog to be stale and uninteresting to the reader.

Furthermore, a well thought out blog will have an understandable timeline.  Blog postings will have continuity even if they are on different topics.   A social media consultant should be able to advise you on trends in your industry, top news, and points of interest for your blog.  Planning and executing blog posts creates a professionalism to a company’s blog and sets them apart from competitors.

Finally, planning becomes crucial with regard to “real time” social media aspects like Twitter and Facebook.   A Twitter announcement should be planned with the social media consultant prepared to respond or troubleshoot any replies that might occur.   Ideally, all responses are positive, but on the occasion that there is negative feedback, your social media consultant can be your best friend.   When Facebook and Twitter statuses are being updated randomly, it is impossible to have the type of response that companies with a successful social media platform employ.

In closing, your company deserves the best when it comes to a well thought out social media platform.  If your firm is in need of social media planning, please contact Perfectly Prosed.

Why a Professional Social Media Consultant is Vital to Your Business

Small businesses rely on being bottom line oriented. As a small business owner, your very livelihood is made by keeping overhead costs low and sales high. Because of this, many small business owners try to maximize their dollars by keeping their social media efforts in-house. Inevitability this costs them more money in the long run because their social media platform has no direction nor does it have a skilled writing professional managing it.

When a business uses an employee to promote its social media, it runs the risk of two things. First, the employees’ motivation for managing the social media is only as high as the business owner’s incentives. Often, the social media component of the job becomes just another thing for the employee to do. When this is the case, the social media is produced without any forethought or planning. This results in a weak representation of the business.

In addition, it is rare that the person being tagged to do the social media has any formal training in writing. The result is an unprofessional Twitter feed, Blog or Facebook Fan page with postings about non-relevant industry news, misspellings on important announcements or the wrong “voice” for the business. Social media is about perception, and when your company is perceived poorly–customers are not retained.

Perfectly Prosed prides itself on understanding your business’ unique needs and crafting and maintaining a professional social media platform for you. Perfectly Prosed helps businesses present their best selves to the public so that their social media outlets are maximized and new business can be generated.

Social Media is about Creating Opportunities

Social media is less about finding opportunities and more about creating them. A lot of business owners mistakenly believe that allowing a “lifestyle blogger” to review them or their products generates a buzz about their business. However, this isn’t a solid social media platform for the business–only for the blogger who is in actuality promoting their own brand/blog.

Small businesses are better served by creating their own news with regard to their business and industry. By establishing themselves as an industry authority, businesses generate customer interaction with their own website and attract new customers.

Lifestyle bloggers do have a place in the social media market, but small businesses should not mistake their intentions as an attempt to promote anyone but their own brand. They have every right to–it is their blog However, if a business truly wants to benefit from social media, it is vital to team with a social media consultant that can craft and create a blog concept specific to their needs.

Perfectly Prosed understands the unique needs of small business from word of mouth loyalty to keeping overhead low. The first step to promoting your business and creating opportunities to growth is contacting Perfectly Prosed.

Social Media and Why Business Needs It


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Increasingly our society is becoming real time oriented. “Snail Mail” gave way to E-Mail which gave way to Texting which slid us into instant messaging and Facebook resulting in Twitter.

Now more than ever businesses have the ability to influence their customer and clients in real time and with real interaction. For small businesses this can be a double edged sword. Small businesses rely on customer retention, loyalty and word of mouth marketing. However, few have the overhead to hire a full time professional social media consultant and even fewer started their small businesses because they wanted to polish their English and Grammar skills on a twice weekly blog.

As a full service social media consulting firm, Perfectly Prosed fills the gap for small and medium sized businesses. Our professional writing skills, graphic design and public relations experience positions our firm to help you take your small businesses into the world of social media allowing the business owner to focus on their primary goal- servicing their clients.